'I have known Kerry for around a decade via our mutual interest in martial arts. She is both my student and teacher, having trained together, swapped ideas and enjoyed countless enlightening discussions. Regularly offering her experience at our group’s annual weekend training camp, she never fails to deliver engaging classes with inspiring enthusiasm and can successfully adapt to suit a variety of skill levels. Kerry is an in-depth thinker and a genuine person who is deeply passionate about the daily integration of body, mind and spirit'  Chris Denwood (Founder & Chief Instructor, E.S.K.K® Martial Arts & Fitness).
'Kerry's friendly and relaxed teaching style made her workshops a big hit at Solfest with people returning year after year to take part. She is able to work unsupervised and on her own initiative which is an enormous help to a busy festival organiser'   Sarah C, Workshop Co-ordinator, Solfest
'I had been thinking of beginning to learn some Taiji for quite a while. When lockdown hit and Kerry started an online class, I jumped at the chance to join in. Kerry's calm energy and positive encouragement meant that beginning to learn Taiji over zoom twice a week was one of the best things that happened for me in 2020. Nearly two years on I still look forward to classes for both the Taiji physical practice and the closing meditation. I have loved learning a new thing and my form is constantly evolving, and Kerry has enabled me to make space for me and develop a deeper connection along with a sense of patience and balance withing myself' Jess Richards nseof patience and balance within myself." - Jess Richards    
'On the 22nd of March 2020 I contracted Covid 19. Over the coming months despite input from my GP, Occupational Health team and Physio, my rehabilitative progress was painfully slow and I was diagnosed with post viral syndrome, later to be diagnosed as Long Covid as more about Covid 19 became known.  Unvaccinated against this new virus at the very beginning of the worldwide pandemic,, middle aged, overweight and female made me a prime candidate for developing Long Covid. I was left with chronic fatigue, brain fog, breathing pattern disorder and femoral nerve damage which has left me with chronic gnawing pain and at times crippling pain and contraction throughout my right side. I was on a concoction of strong controlled drugs and NSAIS.  I was very low in mood as all the things that I loved, including Golf & walking became a real challenge.
Kerry had always been my go to alternative therapist, with her massages keeping me going after various injuries but she was not practicing due to the pandemic.  In August 2020 I reached an all time low, the GP indicated that there was nothing more to do and that I just needed to give it time, hope for a better 2021 with spring suggested as the optimistic time when my symptoms would improve. My physio referred me to a psychologist in the Persistent Pain syndrome service and I inadvertently discovered that cold water swimming had a positive effect on my pain.  It was at this point that Kerry suggested I try TaiJi - she was running a zoom class which I could join, but she also offered me socially distanced 1:1 sessions outside in her garden, later when meeting in gardens was prohibited, next to the lake in Wasdale, in a public space and now in her outside studio which she created specifically to teach me and others at her home.
TaiJi was a revelation and Kerry was a life line, giving me a practice and a tutor which has transformed my recovery.  It's really difficult to put into words, but the slow movement, yet with deep intention has allowed me to move my body and exercise in a way that has not exacerbate my breathlessness. It stretches and works out my body in a gentle but really deep way, it also at times had unleashed bottled up emotions.  There were days when I have had to literally drag my body up the lane to Kerry's house only to find myself leaving after an hours time, more upright, more mobile, refreshed, reset and refocused. It unlocks my body but most importantly gave me and continues to give me hope.
As Kerry diversified to adapt to the pandemic, gaining her meditation qualification, she has taught me the basics of meditation, beyond the meditation we do at the end our each zoom class. Again this has been a revelation and something that has given me another tool in my Long Covid tool belt to use to find some inner quiet, peace and relaxation within myself, to reframe, refocus and refresh - my three R's to aid rehabilitation.
Fast forward 18 months. I practice TaiJi on my own, continue my one to one sessions as TaiJi is a journey which keeps on giving and joining Kerry's online zoom class. I practice meditation on my own and am still swimming.  Long Covid still impacts on my physical and emotional self, but I now have practices that can help me cope, to unlock my body and mind and cope not only with a busy family life but also as a senior nurse in the NHS.
As we moved into winter I was able to give something back to Kerry, I eventually coaxed her into Wastwater in winter (she has always swum in the summer months) and gave her cold water swimming - something small to someone who has supported me though my Long Covid journey and given me tools and techniques to cope with what has now become a long term condition and indefinite symptoms .....I really don't know where I would have been without Kerry, her TaiJi and meditation lessons and cold water swimming.  Kerry has helped me in more ways than I can capture in this testimony!' Salli Pilcher